wieża zegarowa
Newly built castle in Stobnica


The newly built castle in Stobnica.

Our Company started this realisation in July 2018 and the work continues to this day, For five years we have done the facades on all four towers which was quite a challenge if only because of the weight of the elements and the height of the construction work. We completed all the cradle arches and Gothic arches on the castle and we are particularly pleased with the main entrance gate to the castle which is a unique piece of work. All elements of the stone, granite façade were entirely hand-worked by our specialists on site. In addition, we assembled all the necessary cut stone elements from granite or sandstone that were needed for the continuity of the order, i.e. cornices, blanks, onlays, floors, caps, sills, etc.

See the stages of realisation of the entry gate.